Our Home Selling Guide

There is so much to think about when selling your home

  • Is it a buyer’s market or a seller’s market?
  • How can I price my home so that it sells quickly?
  • What marketing strategies are effective & will sell my home quickly?
  • What is curb appeal?
  • What should I do to have my home in top-selling condition?
  • How much should I fix?
  • How much of a hassle is involved in showing my home?
  • Should I use an agent?
  • What about all the paperwork?
  • What about my next home?

We can help! We will go over all these questions & more!

10 Simplified Steps to Selling Your Home

1. Define your goals, wants, needs, & expectations. A good place to begin is by exploring short & long terms goals & how selling your home fits in.

2. Determine the best price for what’s going on in the market currently. We do this by reviewing a comparative market analysis (CMA) and determining the fair market value.

3. Prepare your property to be in top-selling condition. I will work with you to help you see things from a buyer’s point of view. We will discuss what should be repaired, replaced, or removed to make a great first impression.

4. Implement time-proven, research-based marketing strategies. We will discuss a marketing plan that has the highest potential for bringing not only the most buyers, but the most qualified as well.

5. Show your property. Always keep the home in top-selling condition!

6. Receive an offer. When a buyer decides to buy your home, they will present an offer. I will advise you on the offer & whether the buyer is qualified to purchase your home.

7. Negotiate to sell. Most offers require some level of negotiation. We will work together to decide your parameter & I will negotiate on your behalf.

8. Have your home inspected & appraised. Once you have an accepted offer, I will work with the buyer’s agent to coordinate an inspection, appraisal, & survey (if required). I will continue to negotiate on your behalf & recommend vendors so we move successfully from contract to closing.

9. Prepare for closing. A few days or even weeks before closing I will make sure we are on track & all documents are ready to go.

10. Close! At the closing meeting, ownership of your property is legally transferred to the buyer. I will be present to advise you & ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Strategy For Marketing Your Home

Pricing Strategies

Pricing your home accurately is the most effective way to ensure a successful sale. No amount of marketing can sell an overpriced home. Many sellers are tempted to list their home with the agent who quotes the highest price. Please keep in mind, the agent doesn’t set the price, the seller doesn’t set the price, the market will set the price, or value, for your home.

Factors that influence Market Value

-Supply and Demand
-Economic Conditions
-Asking & Selling Prices of Competing Homes
-Your Home’s Condition
-Buyer’s Perception of Your Home

Factors with Little to No Influence on Market Value

-The price the seller paid for the home
-The seller’s expected Net Proceeds
-The amount spent on home improvements

Staging Suggestions

Home staging is not decorating! Decorating appeals to the person living in the house; staging is positioning the home to appeal to the psychological needs of buyers by creating a series of impressions that build an emotional connection to help buyers imagine living in the home.

Non-Staged Home

Staged Home

Professional Photography

Having professional photography is extremely important in this day and age. Most buyers are looking on the internet first. If the photos don’t capture their attention, they are more likely to pass on viewing that home.

Real Estate Truths

Having an agent represent you has its advantages

Professional Representation – I am your personal representative and I’m required by law to represent your interests to the best of my ability.

Personal Specialist – It’s similar to hiring an accountant to help you file income taxes or a mechanic to fix your car.

Objectivity – My job is to point out all the pros and cons for all the decisions you will be making throughout the home-selling process. I will even tell you things you may not want to hear because as your agent, I want you to make informed decisions, not emotionally-based decisions.

Convenience – These days, it’s nearly impossible to sell a home all by yourself without it turning into a part-time job.

The price of your home should be based on the price of sold properties in your area, rather than the list price of properties now on the market. This is how we establish your home’s fair market value.

Your home generates the most interest in the real estate community and among potential buyers during the first thirty (30) days on the market. If it is not properly priced during this time, we miss out on this peak level of interest

The fair market value of your home is determined by the MARKET – that is, what today’s buyers are willing to pay. Buyers are comparing your home to other homes now on the market. They don’t care about:

-What your neighbor says
-What another agent says
-What you spent on upgrades
-What it costs to build today
-What you spent on repairs
-What you spent remodeling
-What you spent on new carpet
– What you paid
-What you need to net
-What you want to net

Getting Started – Let me go to work for YOU!

Your home & your home sale needs are one-of-a-kind. Using the unmatched resources of eXp Realty & my personal technology resources, I will develop a plan to:

  • Provide you with proven, powerful, & personal service
  • Enable you to obtain the best possible sales price & terms for your home
  • Close the sale in a smooth, timely manner

We are committed to your complete satisfaction, and will represent your interests with the utmost care, honesty, integrity, and discretion. Let’s get started!