Wedgewood, Woodbury, MN – One of the top Neighborhoods in Woodbury?

Darin Bjerknes
Published on July 26, 2020

Wedgewood, Woodbury, MN – One of the top Neighborhoods in Woodbury?

Want some information on the Neighborhood of Wedgewood in Woodbury, MN?

-Wedgewood Neighborhood, Woodbury, MN-

Whether you’re already a Woodbury resident or if you’re looking to move to Woodbury, we’ve got a lot of great neighborhoods to choose from. They are all unique and I’m going to highlight as many of them as I can so stay tuned, Like, Subscribe, and comment below what makes your neighborhood awesome.

I’m Darin Bjerknes with eXp Realty, your favorite Woodbury Realtor.
Today we are highlighting the Wedgewood Neighborhood or I should say …neighborhoods. Wedgewood consists of 4 separate neighborhoods.
-Wedgewood “Valley”
-Wedgewood “Heights”
-Wedgewood “Shores”
-Wedgewood “Park”

Let’s start with Wedgewood as a whole. It was established in the mid-’80s as a planned development of over 950 residential properties, mixed between single-family homes, townhomes, and villas all grouped in different neighborhoods, each of which is unique in its architecture, design, and lifestyle. The development was completed around 2002.

Wedgewood has a mandatory association that can vary from $330 to $450 per year which includes professional management of the association. (Some townhomes have higher association fees).
You’ll also have certain rules and regulations that go with that. Some don’t like the fact that they have rules to follow, but others like it and they feel it keeps their neighborhood looking great and property values up. If you’d like a copy of the rules and regulations feel free to email me and I’ll send you an electronic copy. [email protected]

Now on to the 4 separate districts or neighborhoods.

Let’s start with Wedgewood Valley…Wedgewood Valley is boarded by Lake Rd to the north, Bailey Rd to the South, & Woodbury Dr. To the East. What’s great about Wedgewood Valley is that is surrounded by the beautiful Prestwick Golf Course. When golfing the course it’s always great looking at all of the beautiful homes that back up to it. Wedgewood Valley has a mix of single-family homes, townhomes, and villas.

Next, is Wedgewood Shores which is just east of Colby Lake and is made of single-family homes. Wedgewood Shores is the smallest of the 4 neighborhoods and it is boarded by Valley Crossing Elementary School to the north, Woodbury Drive to the East, and Lake Rd to the South. If you’re in the neighborhood don’t forget to walk, bike, or run around Colby Lake. Eagle Valley Golf course is also across the road of Woodbury Dr.

Wedgewood Park is next on the list and is just South of Lake Rd., East of Woodbury Drive and North of Bailey Rd and borders the Bailey’s Arbor neighborhood. Wedgewood Park is made up of primarily single-family homes.

Last but not least is Wedgewood Heights which is also the newest of the four developments. Wedgewood Heights is boarded on the north by Lake Middle & Middleton Elementary School & Lake Rd. The west border is pioneer road and Bailey Rd to the South. It comprised of single-family homes and some townhomes just north of Bailey Rd.

The school district for Wedgewood is 833 or South Washington County. The schools are top-notch, trails galore and the people are great.

I hope you liked the quick overview of the Wedgewood Neighborhoods. If you’d like to see more…once again don’t forget to Like & Subscribe and we’ll see you on the next one.

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